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BCP Chemical Engineering is your experienced partner for all kinds of projects. Our team of chemists and specialists worked for over 20 years developing innovative and individual solutions.

The core business of BCP Chemical Engineering is the formulation - and process development of cross-linkable polymer compositions for use in composites and different applications in the glass industry.

Our team has an extensive track record in his work and we care for our customers in a coordinated project work from product concept to full market launch.

With a strong focus on the development of customized individual solutions BCP Chemical Engineering is engaged in the entire value chain.

We drive specific developments to integrate more functionality and to improve the longevity and sustainability in the product life cycle.

Our strong R & D - Focus helps to make the process of value creation particularly effective. Our customers appreciate the cooperation with BCP Chemical Engineering because of our ability to deliver process improvements, to reduce costs, to make new innovative materials available, to provide technical expertise and competent technical support.



A few examples of our work


Complex business and management consultancy to a resin manufacturer in matters of R&D, process design, marketing/sales strategy, Business - Management.

World market leader in PET – casting resins.

Increase production of 4,000t/a to 30,000 t/a within 2 years.



Development of a patented process for the production of extremely low shrinkage DCPD - resins for the manufacture of composite parts with Class A – surface for the
automotive industry.



Development of several casting - and adhesive resins for the glass industry.

Establishment of a global distribution network and support of the client in the
development to a world market leader.



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